| Sit & Stay A While |

We are now fourteen days into 2019: A bright, sparkly New Year.

Where have I been, you ask? I suppose that I can share the truth: The holiday season swept me up and dropped me in a Radio City Music Hall Rockette line-up where I could do nothing but smile, point my toes, and kick my heels toward my head. I joke, but a series of stops up and down the East Coast this Christmas made for a very precise itinerary, devoid of a lot of downtime and leisurely improvisation. An excuse? I suppose. But here we are. I have another 351 days to get things right and find my way back to consistent application of the written word.

For those of you who are new to this little creative nook, welcome! My name is Britney and I am a dreamer in a dollhouse. I was born in New England, a small town in Connecticut, to be precise, and moved down to Northern Virginia nearly five years ago once I found the other half of my heart in an old high school friend’s possession. (Oh, the power of Facebook reconnections.) My day job is technical on paper but I am overwhelmingly energized by the people I collaborate with, mentor, and learn from between and beyond those nine to five hours. They inspire me to wake up every morning. So does coffee.

I am an enthusiastic reader. An author of a blog that remains in a quiet corner of the internet, for now. I am a goal-oriented perfectionist, a little bit of a control freak, even, who tends to get stressed out and must undergo a series of “back to basics” exercises when life gets too rigid. I am curious by nature, always wandering. Whether roaming the world or stumbling upon the nooks and crannies of neighboring towns, I find utmost satisfaction in expanding my footprint.

I like to live life out loud; I’ve always been that way. I think my parents were mortified when my ten year old self published, “The Not So Perfect Life Of Little Miss Perfect” and handed in a documentary airing all of their dirty laundry for an English assignment. I’ve been journaling since I knew how to write and I’ve had an online blog of sorts since the days of MySpace and Xanga. Understanding my inner dialogue is something that I consistently work to achieve, and connecting with others who speak, in both same and different languages, well, that is my true life’s work.

I’ll admit: I am not as disciplined as I would like to be in practice but- Every blank page is a fresh start. And tonight, I find happiness and gratitude in knowing that there are words on this screen. And this hot chocolate is filled with whipped cream and marshmallows. And this blanket is warm and the lighting is perfect, my dog is asleep soundly beside me and you are here. What a cozy little sight before us.

I invite you to put your feet up, stay a while. Let’s see what we can ponder up together.

Another page, another year…

| Let Us Begin. |

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