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When is the last time you read something extraordinary; So profound that you were utterly torn between reading the next line, the next excerpt, and putting the book down to ponder, to cry, to throw your arms around a loved one, to book a trip?

If you’ve had any of those moments, I want to know about them. I want to chat about them, together, and tell you about some of my literary secrets as well. What author makes you dream? What character makes you weak in the knees? What mystery prompts you to do some online research?

Tell me.

Pull up a chair, and let’s dig deeper. I’ve never been a part of a formal book club, but I feel a sense of commitment to this space that has been created. So let’s make something here, now, that celebrates great literally submissions throughout the ages, ones that have inscribed permanent, scribbled lines on our hearts.

-Adding Punctuation