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|Honoring An Angel: Ways To Remember A Lost Love One On Your Special Day |

I zipped up my sister’s wedding dress in quiet company, with only a camera lens, digital recorder, and each creative conductor looking on. It was hard to tell where her gown began and ended- The room shimmered in the bright sunlight and created cream waves, whitecaps rolling from the ivory curtains, to a long, blush… Continue reading |Honoring An Angel: Ways To Remember A Lost Love One On Your Special Day |

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|Summer Spontaneity: My Must-Have Trunk Trinkets|

I wish I could say that I pack light, but I would be lying to you. Goodness, I just got back from a trip to Miami last week and I had, not one, not two, but three bags in tow. (In my defense, it was my sister’s bachelorette party and I had one entire duffel… Continue reading |Summer Spontaneity: My Must-Have Trunk Trinkets|

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| Checked Out: April Book Review III |

I first heard of Deepak Chopra when Oprah Winfrey interviewed him on her Spotify podcast, “Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.” A bestselling author, public speaker, Ayurveda and alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement, Chopra first established a career in the medical field and witnessed lives transform through the power of positive… Continue reading | Checked Out: April Book Review III |

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| Lessons From My Mother |

It’s Easter Sunday and I am content to disconnect for a few moments, walk away from the potato peeling and broccoli cutting to venture outside while there is a break in the rain. The front garden is soaked but I stroll through anyway, admiring the way that the shrubs look, newly green, the way that… Continue reading | Lessons From My Mother |


| All Out. |

I just completed my book review blog entry and had every intention of clocking out at 1,350 words. I am tired, utterly exhausted and yet, as I scroll up and down my main homepage I am struck by how impersonal my blog is, how safe my posts are and how disconnected they remain from the… Continue reading | All Out. |

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| Swooning Over The City: My New Orleans Top 10 |

Some of my longtime readers may remember the blog entry that I posted last year about traveling with my best friend. When we were younger, the two of us used to venture everywhere together: Providence, Rhode Island for junior high shopping trips. Charleston, South Carolina for college tours. Las Vegas, Nevada for bachelorette parties and… Continue reading | Swooning Over The City: My New Orleans Top 10 |

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| Gold Pen Geode Dreams |

For our first-year wedding anniversary, my husband bought me the calligraphy kit that I had added to my Amazon cart months prior as one of my “paper” gifts. It was wonderful and I couldn’t wait to create beautiful signs and hand-write greeting cards and make table assignments with gold pens on vibrant geodes and… Practicing… Continue reading | Gold Pen Geode Dreams |

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| Sit & Stay A While |

We are now fourteen days into 2019: A bright, sparkly New Year. Where have I been, you ask? I suppose that I can share the truth: The holiday season swept me up and dropped me in a Radio City Music Hall Rockette line-up where I could do nothing but smile, point my toes, and kick… Continue reading | Sit & Stay A While |

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| Checked Out: October Book Review |

“Best. Day. Ever.” I sent those three words and a picture of Mitch Albom’s book, “The Next Person You Meet In Heaven” to my best friend, just two days after the novel arrived on bookshelves. We exchanged words of giddy elation, sent a few dozen exclamation points back and forth before I put my phone… Continue reading | Checked Out: October Book Review |

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| Writer’s Rebellion Workshop Day 1: A Will To Dig Deeper |

A stretch of time alone, with no agenda… A vocal rain, tapping on the windows, filling an otherwise sleepy room… Norah Jones on the record player and a warm beverage by my side… Tonight seemed like an opportune time to begin my online writing course, mentioned in my last blog post. I logged into the… Continue reading | Writer’s Rebellion Workshop Day 1: A Will To Dig Deeper |

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| Another Year, Another Goal List |

Last week, I turned 31 years old. It was an incredible day filled with family, friends, delightful gifts and delectable sweets. I got the royal treatment at work and the festivities continued after I returned home- homemade pasta served inside of a whole steamed lobster, wine, a mouth-watering dessert with “Happy Birthday” scripted on the… Continue reading | Another Year, Another Goal List |