It’s hard for me to wholeheartedly commit to the “About” section of this journal, because this is a blog about me.

And I am very much a work in progress.

So what does one say then, to complete the task at hand so that the WordPress autotext is replaced, without defining a concrete reason for this writing space?

I guess that I can refer back to my first entry, to help me articulate my overarching intent.

“As a word enthusiast, I am also an advocate of the dictionary. I love to challenge myself while writing by using words that I am not quite comfortable with, forcing myself to consult Google or an old pocket thesaurus for confirmation in meaning. Tonight, while staring at a blank Word document, I switch screens to pull up a web search engine, type in an expression that’s been haunting me lately, a word that has been caught lurking in the shadows of my routine day-to-day.


What is passion? Who has passion? Why is the word used so often, and why do people seem to possess so little of it?

There is a story behind my angst tonight.”

This journal will hopefully be an account of my passions, the things that I do beyond sleeping, working, and daily dietary consumption. The past two years have been trying in terms of satisfying my soul, so I have created this blog to enforce balance and evoke a sense of creative wealth once more. I invite you to take this journey with me, set your pursuit of happiness on fire, delve into your own day to day and assess what can be enhanced.

This is a blog for the nine-to-fivers, the parents, the workaholics, the in-betweeners, the young married couples, the dreamers, the doers, the trailblazers. Whether you are in a rut or focused on getting people out of them, this is a space for you., because I am currently feeling like a little of both these days, and through writing, my hope is to elevate my passions to create the best version of myself.

My first journal entry posed the question, “When was the last time you did something that made the hair on the back of your neck rise?” and I am still chasing after that very notion. Follow me in my quest to add punctuation to the end of each splendid sentence of my story-

Together, let us fill these pages, and your own, with exclamation points, question marks, semi-colons, and more. Let us edit this work in progress to reflect something that we can be proud of.

| Let Us Begin. |

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