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While I didn’t think that the Mandarin Hotel in Washington, D.C. would be my writing location for the evening, my job has a funny way of making things exciting. Nevertheless, I am working a bit later than usual and am discreetly multi-tasking to log my #tut30days assignment. Today’s challenge is all about the specifics: “Getting Into The Details & Creating A Passionate Sense Of Excitement.” The exercise encourages its followers to dive into the elements that make up the themes created on Day 1. What do I see when I think about enhancing my creativity? What changes emerge when I improve my physical health? I admit that it is fun, imagining myself already there.

On Enhancing Creativity: I AM-

  • Writing One Blog Post Per Week Minimum
  • On Track To Exceeding My First Blog’s Statistics Of 336 Posts, 20,113 Views, 2,632 Visitors, & 164 Views In A Day
  • Finding A Set Creative Time During The Week & Sticking To It
  • Posting 150 Instagram Photos In 2017
  • Entering A Contest Or Publishing A Personal Entry
  • Taking A Writing And/ Or Creative Course Or Challenge
  • Reading Actively And Reviewing The Books In My Blog
  • Learning About Different Types Of Poetry
  • Scoping Out PostSecret On Sundays
  • Taking Time On The Weekends To Find New Music
  • Making My Own Christmas Cards
  • Creating Travel Momento Boxes
  • Looking Into Getting My Typewriter Cleaned
  • Taking Pictures With My Good Camera, At Least 5 Times In 2017

On Enforcing A Work/ Life Balance- I AM-

  • Travelling No More Than 8 Times Per Year For Work
  • Taking Advantage Of Weekends, Not On Call, And Scheduling Fun Activities With Friends & Family
  • Eating Home During The Workweek Before 7PM
  • Turning My Phone Off At Night
  • Taking A Lunch Break 3x Per Week

On Improving Physical Health- I AM-

  • Keeping A Set Sleep Routine
  • Wearing My Fitbit
  • Taking A Multivitamin
  • Regularly Keeping Appointments With All Doctors In The Area
  • Dressing Up For Work
  • Eating Breakfast Everyday
  • Flossing
  • Reaching A Minimum Of 8,000 Steps Per Day, Even During The Workweek
  • Working Out 4 Times Per Week Minimum
  • Lusting Over Before And After Photos Of My Transformation!
  • Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day
  • Eating Smaller Portions
  • Consuming More Veggies & Fruits
  • Taking More Bubble Baths
  • Logging My Migraines
  • Standing At My Desk For 2+ Hours A Day

On Practicing Love & Passion- I AM-

  • Kissing Before Bed, Saying Goodnight No Matter What
  • Losing The Sweatpant/ Sweatshirt Sleepwear
  • Putting Away Cell Phones In Bed
  • Doing More Routine Things Together- Going For Walks, Working Out, Studying Italian, Playing Games
  • Eating At The Kitchen Table Two Nights Per Week
  • Adding More Entries To #BMMFCOOKBOOK hashtag on Instagram
  • Having Designated Date Nights
  • Continuing To Write In Our Couple Journal, Buying Lotto Tickets On Adventure Days, Listening To Sinatra While Cooking, Etc.
  • Restoring The Element Of Surprise
  • Talking About Our Relationship And Taking A Temperature, Actively

On Influencing & Inspiring- I AM- 

  • Obtaining 500 Followers On Instagram, 200 Followers On Twitter
  • Positioning My Blog In A Way That Creates Conversation, Thus Banding A Community Within My Audience
  • Dabbling In Travel Writing, Inspiring Fresh Footprints
  • Documenting My Journey For Work/ Life Balance In My Company Role, And Acting As A Resource For Those That Are Struggling To Do The Same.

Before ending my exercise for the night, I wanted to take my vision one step further. I downloaded an app called Strides, which is basically a goal tracker for habits. I picked my favorite 10 details and entered them into the app, going easy on myself to start.

I am curious about your habits, and what you do to keep that creative spirit entertained, keep that marital spark alive.What juicy details can you divulge, that may in turn help me reach my fullest potential as a wife, an employee, a kindred soul? 

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