| Short But Oh So Sweet |

I wish you a “Happy 2017” from my living room recliner, tired but aware that I cannot go to bed on “Day 1” without writing. I am pushing myself to get a few words down, and am mentally noting that tomorrow will need to exude a different tone, if this exercise is going to work. But my fatigue comes from a wonderful place: As my vacation comes to a close, my husband and I are being gloriously selfish about our time together. Last evening, we celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends in nearby Old Town Alexandria- They had a First Night Festival complete with restaurant involvement, music in the streets, and a Firework display at midnight.

My husband and I spent midnight of 2015 and 2016 at home, the first year on the couch with our roommates at the time, watching the ball drop through sleepy eyes, then last year with many friends when we hosted a New Year Soiree. If the magic at midnight this year foreshadows my 2017 outlook, however, I am quite eager to dive right in. Things felt different, special… Bigger and better than ever before.


It is my hope then, that such sentiments transpire and linger all year long.

This afternoon, I received my first assignment from Mike Dooley’s Notes From The Universe #TUT30days challenge. The exercise was simple, to “Get Clear About Your Priorities” and list 5 things that you want to change or develop in 2017. My answers are below.


I imagine that the next 29 days will be spent exploring these notions, and I look forward to delving into each one further.

What 5 general goals do you wish to develop this year?

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