| On Dating Your Spouse: “Top Gun” Themed Movie Night |

My husband was away on a work trip for his birthday and I wanted to make sure than I planned for some quality time together upon returning home. His favorite movie of all time is “Top Gun” so I did a little research on themed items that I could purchase for a low- key but fun movie night. I had amazing luck with my finds and want to share them for any other “Top Gun” loving fans!

| Wear | These his and her ‘Top Gun’ pajamas- They guarantee fun, cozy nights in and can double as Halloween costumes in the future. Although the material is not thick, the patches are sewn on well and the items fit perfectly. ( I got a Medium for me and I went a size down for my husband– He is tall and thin, usually wears a Large, but the size of the jumpsuit runs big.)

| Listen To | “Top Gun” on vinyl: One of my husband’s favorite Christmas gifts.

| Watch | The one and only: “Top Gun” movie on DVD. We’re all still waiting for the sequel!

| Drink | Some patriot shooters! The “Top Gun” logo is red, white, and blue (another reason why my husband thinks that it’s the greatest movie in the history of ever) so its easy to find applicable drink and food recipes. I hit the jackpot when I typed in “patriotic drinks,” on Pinterest; There are plenty to choose from that suit all palates and preferences!

| Play | A “Top Gun” board game! (Yes, it exists!) I purchased this during quarantine and although we have not played it yet, as the days grow shorter and we are looking for something to do, this will be at the top of my husband’s list. I also just saw that there’s a “Top Gun” version of Monopoly as well- Cue my “add to cart” dance.

| Gift | I purchased this card from Etsy, added our aviator glasses, a fresh box of popcorn, and some other cozy treats to a gift basket. The themed surprise was perfect and put an entertaining spin on a quality night in.

Top Gun Card

What is your significant other’s favorite movie? Is there any way that you can reinvent it for an upcoming date night? Let me know in the comments!

| This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from any applicable qualifying purchases. |

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