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|Honoring An Angel: Ways To Remember A Lost Love One On Your Special Day |

I zipped up my sister’s wedding dress in quiet company, with only a camera lens, digital recorder, and each creative conductor looking on. It was hard to tell where her gown began and ended- The room shimmered in the bright sunlight and created cream waves, whitecaps rolling from the ivory curtains, to a long, blush… Continue reading |Honoring An Angel: Ways To Remember A Lost Love One On Your Special Day |

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| Checked Out: April Book Review III- The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success |

I first heard of Deepak Chopra when Oprah Winfrey interviewed him on her Spotify podcast, “Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.” A bestselling author, public speaker, Ayurveda and alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement, Chopra first established a career in the medical field and witnessed lives transform through the power of positive… Continue reading | Checked Out: April Book Review III- The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success |

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| Lessons From My Mother |

It’s Easter Sunday and I am content to disconnect for a few moments, walk away from the potato peeling and broccoli cutting to venture outside while there is a break in the rain. The front garden is soaked but I stroll through anyway, admiring the way that the shrubs look, newly green, the way that… Continue reading | Lessons From My Mother |

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| Another Year, Another Goal List |

Last week, I turned 31 years old. It was an incredible day filled with family, friends, delightful gifts and delectable sweets. I got the royal treatment at work and the festivities continued after I returned home- homemade pasta served inside of a whole steamed lobster, wine, a mouth-watering dessert with “Happy Birthday” scripted on the… Continue reading | Another Year, Another Goal List |

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| Checked Out: September Book Review- Brida |

After I fell in love with “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho at the beginning of the year, his name caught my eye while scanning library shelves on my last visit. I picked up “Brida” and the back cover sounded interesting enough to check the book out: It foreshadowed, according to the summary, “a tale of… Continue reading | Checked Out: September Book Review- Brida |

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| Checked Out: July Book Review- Gift From The Sea |

As mentioned previously, one of my favorite books of all time is “The Aviator’s Wife,” by Melanie Benjamin, a historical, imaginative account of one of the world’s most well-known couples: Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I knew a little about Charles Lindbergh from elementary school days and my current close proximity to the Smithsonian… Continue reading | Checked Out: July Book Review- Gift From The Sea |

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| Putting Meaning Into The Mailbox |

Did You Know… “That according to a survey done by the post office, last year the typical home received a personal letter about every seven weeks; in 1987 it was once every two weeks. Increasingly, most of us are emailing the things we used to send through traditional mail like bills, cards, notes and invitations.”… Continue reading | Putting Meaning Into The Mailbox |

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| Radiating Positivity |

This is a blog post about gratitude. On my workday commute I usually listen to Sirius radio (“Simply Sinatra” is my go-to) or catch up with family members and friends- With mom on the line and a coffee in hand, I95 seems slightly more bearable. I had to get my car fixed a few weeks… Continue reading | Radiating Positivity |

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| Cotton & Candy |

My husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and our fourth year as a couple this past weekend. With a work trip to Americus, Georgia falling on our actual wedding day and with a house full of guests joining us for Easter Sunday, the two of us had to make the our limited time… Continue reading | Cotton & Candy |

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| Okay. |

Life: It’s such a strange thing. Whether trying to create a new one, fight for an existing one, celebrate milestones, contemplate past chronicles, or prepare for future occasions… Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. ---- In October of last year, I went to the doctor for an issue that I had been struggling… Continue reading | Okay. |


| Mantras & Musings |

I am falling increasingly behind on my exercises but I am determined to follow through, execute every one at my own pace. I received a book for Christmas titled, “Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration,” by Meera Lee Patel, and I refuse to open the first page until I have successfully completed this… Continue reading | Mantras & Musings |