| The 2017 Andrews Air Show: Fed Ex Field, Maryland |

I’ve never been to an Air Show before, but have always marveled at the beauty and wonder associated with one of man’s most incredible inventions. As a frequent commercial flier and a recent aircraft history enthusiast, watching mechanical birds in the sky- or riding in them- is something that I truly enjoy. When my husband asked me if I wanted to venture to the 2017 Joint Base Andrews Air Show and witness a more “eclectic” assortment of air performers and static displays, I eagerly accepted.

With two additional family members in toe, we set out up I-95 today and parked at FedEx field. There was no parking or admission fee so upon a quick security scan we were able to walk right onto the aviation playground. It was amazing! All three adults and the five year old were in awe- There were C-17’s that you could walk through and Black Hawk helicopters and gnarly A-10’s that you could pose with. There were food stands and vendors for t-shirts and souvenirs (my husband is a coin collector) The performances were educational and truly moving- Watching the Tora! Tora! Tora! re-entactment of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was something that I will never forget.

I only had my phone camera on hand but managed to snap some decent photos… If you live in the DMV area and have not done this before, make sure to add it to your 2018 list. Whether you love planes or hate being miles high in them… This will surely impress either party.


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