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Today marks the halfway point of my vacation, and I will admit that a terrible thought filled my head as I sat down to edit another abandoned poem this afternoon:

I fear that this all won’t last.

When work resumes, when my frequent flyer miles begin to escalate once more, I am scared that the same downward spiral will ensue: That I won’t have time for myself, that my writing frequency will diminish, that these pleasurable habits won’t stick. It is a notion that I’m quick to push aside, something that I must fight through.

It was as though the Universe heard my silent doubts, and sent a lifeline to my inbox, quite literally. I have written about Notes From The Universe once before in this blog- It is an e-mail “pick me up” that I receive every morning; A complimentary dose of positivity and happiness amid trails of junk mail, bill notifications, and “sales” on items I can’t afford.

Since I subscribe to the communications, I received a note this afternoon from Mike Dooley, the creator of the project, with a subject line reading, “The 30 Day Project Starts January 1!” I clicked to reveal the following:

Happy New Year Britney!

We’re bringing back the LARGEST event we’ve ever hosted: The Love Your Life 30 Day Project!! This is our New Year gift to you! Because we want 2017 to be a year that’s filled with possibilities for CREATIVITY, ADVENTURE, LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, and HAPPINESS beyond your wildest dreams!

When: January 1, 2017 (please register in advance, like now!)
What: 30 activities, one per day, to help you live your dreams
Who: An estimated 40,000 TUTTERS from all over the world will be participating
How much: It’s totally FREE!

What’s the purpose of the project?
To rock the living daylights out of 2017! This is going to be your year, with new friends, laughter, love, and adventure!

How does the project work?
You’ll take guided, inspired-action for 30 days in a row, and if spirit moves you, join the group’s dedicated Facebook page to offer and receive support as you go. Each activity will be explained by a short inspirational video from me with tips and advice.”

Intrigued by the goal of the project I clicked through to the corresponding website and added my name to a separate list. Minutes later, I received another email.

Welcome to the Love Your Life 30-Day Project!!

This project kicks off on January 1, 2017 (mark your calendar!), and is designed to help you get a rocking start to the year ahead.

We’ve come up with 30 activities to complete over 30 days (less than 10 minutes each) that are designed to help you move closer to living your dreams (writing your first novel, living a healthier lifestyle, tackling that creative project you’ve been fantasizing about forever, launching your new business…). Each activity will be accompanied by a short, inspirational video from me that explains the reason for the activity and how I believe it can help!

Please prepare yourself for the project now, so that you’re ready on January 1! We strongly encourage you to get a journal that’s dedicated to your experience during these 30 days. We suggest our brand new Love Your Life in 30 Days Workbook that includes all 30 activities with extra tips and journal pages. You can also use any journal you already have or a Microsoft Word Doc works well too. The purpose of having a workbook or journal is to write down any thoughts, ideas, insights, and revelations that arise during the project. We recommend writing for at least 5 minutes a day to reflect on each activity and any realizations it brings you.

Starting on January 1, we’ll email you the first activity! Then, a new activity will follow every day (for 30 days).

Make sure to join our Love Your Life in 30 Days Facebook Group! We’ll be posting inspiring quotes, creative questions, and lots of encouragement along the way!

Here’s to an exciting year ahead, Britney!!!

Mike Dooley

P.S. This project is FREE, so invite your friends to join you!! Tell them to go to www.tut.com/tut30days to sign up!

This exercise is just want I need to continue pushing toward my goals. By surrounding myself with likeminded people and by welcoming such activities each day, I will be more inclined to proceed with the habit of writing and unleashing the creativity within.

If anyone wants to do this project with me, sign up! I’ll be documenting my daily activities on the blog, and I’d love to know if you are doing so as well. We can inspire each other, hold each other accountable, give each other ideas and question notions, together.

Through this renewed journey of writing and blogging, a have found a sense of community once more. It’s probably the thing that I missed the most- Knowing that in this wild, crazy, chaotic world…

I am never really alone.


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