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| Through A Wanderer’s Eyes: Banff, Canada Spotlight |

As I prepare to pack my suitcase and embark on my upcoming trip to Italy, waves of excitement pour over me and derail all of my to-do lists. I have a one track mind at the moment: The will to roam is trumping all other aspects of my life. I cannot wait to start blogging… Continue reading | Through A Wanderer’s Eyes: Banff, Canada Spotlight |

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| A Backyard Agenda: Fairfax, VA |

The idea of a long weekend without plans is a foreign concept to me: It feels unsettling in my very core (although an uncluttered agenda might truly do me some good.) Nevertheless, as June came to a close I felt compelled to start looking for things to do in our area, Northern Virginia day trips… Continue reading | A Backyard Agenda: Fairfax, VA |

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| Getting Crafty |

Although I am still chugging along, pushing to get caught up in┬ámy #tut30days challenge, I did want to share something really fun that I worked on this weekend. For all of my #Wanderlust readers out there, this entry is for you! I have always used Walmart.com as a "Photo Safe" of sorts, have been uploading… Continue reading | Getting Crafty |