| Bookish Bliss: 10 Perfect Gifts For The Literary Lover In Your Life |

I cannot bluff: I have been sitting on my couch, scrolling on Amazon, for the last two hours. Tomorrow is #CyberMonday and instead of mapping out my holiday gift list, I have been pinning bookish favorites to my “Adding Punctuation” Amazon registry. The whole activity started out innocently enough, I assure you: I ventured to Alexandria’s Old Town Bookstore this weekend and purchased the best 2020 Planner ever. Tonight, while leafing through its pages, I took out my phone to see if I could find the organizational tool on Amazon. “It could make a good gift!” I thought.

And down the rabbit hole I went.

So in the spirit of putting this list to good use, I have decided to turn my online window shopping exercise into a proactive, productive blog post for anyone who needs to purchase a gift for their own book-loving companion. If these items caught my eye, they might just make other eyes light up in excitement as well.

Before I begin with the top five on my list, let me link to a few items that I already have purchased and adore:

Bibliophile 12-Month 2020 Planner– Oh, the item that started it all. Although I picked this up at my local bookstore, the planner can be found on Amazon for only $19.99. Everyone uses them- It’s a perfectly practical gift with a wonderful touch of whimsy.


Bookstore Nightshirt- My best friend got this for me and I wear it at least once a week. It is so comfortable and completes my bedtime look of Wonderwoman boyshorts and constellation tube socks. #Myhusbandpickedawinner


Paddywax Library Collection Candles– I have these all over my house; They are the perfect stocking stuffer and are named after all of the greats: William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin, and more. The tins are only $7.99 and come in a multitude of scents- I haven’t met an author that I haven’t liked. Other sizes can be found using this link as well.


“Novel Teas” English Breakfast Tea Bags- I purchased these for my best friend who happens to be a book and tea lover- Turns out, she said that this is some of the best tea she has had. For me, that was  an added bonus because I bought them for their literary quote tags; At just $13.50 for 25 individually wrapped bags, it’s a perfect accompaniment to a book on the wish list or a Kindle gift card.


Book Lover’s Breakfast Tea Cup & Saucer Set- It breaks my heart a little that this set is not for sale at the moment. I gifted this item to a friend and as soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I wanted to get her something else and keep the fine china. It is an expertly made item, larger than most tea cups, and looks bookishly beautiful. I was hoping to buy it for myself this Christmas, wrap it and put it under the tree, and although I cannot -and neither can you, it seems- please favorite this item. Come back to it. Check on it periodically. It is worth to subtle stalk, and the slightly more expensive pricepoint. (If you find it somewhere else, let me know!)


Now that I have introduced my tried and true items, it is time to hand pick the best new gift ideas that I have come across.

Emposia Hooded Blankets– I’m biting my nails over here, hoping, praying that my most desired gift in all the land doesn’t sell out. I am talking about a Sherpa hooded blanket made by Emposia, a brand that made itself known and created mass hysteria in the bookstagram community as we all anticipated the website launch. These aren’t just any cozy, soft hooded blankets. These are fluffy, fabulous works of bookish art. There are 8 designs, and two are already sold out. You are allowed to buy one of these, but please stay away from the Typewriter blanket. (Unless you are purchasing it for me.)


Book Blends Spices- While I was in Old Town Books this past weekend, I literally laughed out loud when I saw these jars. I don’t cook, but I just might if I had these in my kitchen.  The spices are not sold on Amazon but can be purchased here or at participating stores- Definitely check out the included website for more details. Even better, the proceeds go to an amazing cause: Each purchase of Book Blends, TV Blends and Song Blends benefits More Than Words, a job training and youth development program that empowers nearly 350 youth each year— the most vulnerable young adults in Greater Boston who are in the foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school— to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a  bookselling business.


The Book Lover’s Cookbook- Want to make a groovy gift set for the literary lover and cook in your life? This book can be coupled with the above item to make a great package. At just $13.48 on Amazon and 4.5 star reviews submitted, it seems as though the gift will keep on giving- hopefully with yummy dinners for you.


Ideal Bookshelf Custom Gifts- Looking for something a little more unique? I was reading another gift guide article and came across this website, immediately had to screenshot it, I was so intrigued. Jane is an artist that creates bookish prints BUT can also draft up custom bookshelves using the recipient’s beloved books. If you are unsure about your book lover’s favorite titles, you can buy a gift card toward the piece. In addition to paintings, this website also features other hit merchandise like tote bags, pins, and postcards. Check it out!


Custom Book Sleeves- True story: My Etsy “favorites” list is cluttered with unique book sleeves. I want so many fabrics and sizes! If your book friend is anything like me, they carry around paperback copies and/or their Kindle everywhere. Why not help keep their treasured items in stellar condition? Prices and sizes vary, some have button enclosures, some have pockets- As long as they can fit a book in them and reflect my personality in some way, I am a fan.


Bookmark Book Holder- I can’t believe that I can only post one more item! How does one choose?

Okay, it’s another gift outside of the Amazon area code but I can’t help but post about this nifty holder that should be a staple on every nightstand. I was actually approached on Twitter to spread the word on the triangular shaped bookmark. Quickly reading through the profile, I fell in love with the cause behind the woodwork. The owner is a Navy veteran and he donates 10% of every purchase to the military charity, United Through Reading. Another benefit: Bookmarks are 40% off with free shipping until Christmas. Shop small and spread cheer for all!


There are so many other ways to gift literary bliss- Choose a book on your loved one’s wish list and replace a bow with this ornament instead. Not sure which book to buy? Kindle and Audible gift cards are a safe alternative, or stop in at a local or used book store and pick up a certificate there.

To assist with my ever-growing bookish merch list, I have decided to open up my Amazon List this holiday season. Find the above items and others here, and be sure to reply in the comments if you’d like me to add anything else! Have something on your wishlist that is too good not to share? Post a link below!

May your stockings be stuffed with book treats this season!

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