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Accidental Creative

One of the podcasts that I listen to on my daily commute is titled, “The Accidental Creative,” by Todd Henry. The man is a genius: He has written four books, facilitates worldwide workshops, drafts weekly email newsletters, hosts two Podcasts, and more. I love that his content talks about leadership, team building, creative growth, life hacks and straddles the line between work and play: His podcast topics are always relatable whether I am wearing my abstract, creative hat or refined, management one.

On October 28th, Todd interviewed Nir Eyal, Author of “Indistractable: How To Control Your Attention & Choose Your Life.” Winding down from my busiest season of the year and looking to tweak some areas of my day to day, this podcast proved to be beneficial for myself and for my team members. I decided to listen to the recording again today and create a slide deck for the content.

This week, I will be hosting my first “Lunch & Learn” for the team- It will not only provide white space to take a step back and eat a meal away from the desk, but will allow them to indulge in an overarching professional development activity, instead of focusing on the running to do list. For any of my leadership readers, feel free to take a look at the slide deck below and email me under “Contact” if you would like the full deck.

I encourage you to listen to the recording yourself! My goal is to get the conversation going, whether on here, in the meeting room, or through private contemplation, on how we can make moves toward becoming indistractable and promoting an indistractable culture.

Has anyone read, Nir Eval’s book? Done any related self-study? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Accidental Creative Slides

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